AISMA In the News

AISMA members regularly write in the specialist GP and practice management publications, offering expert advice to doctors on the key issues of the day.

Is your practice being paid for the work it does?

In this month’s issue of Practice Management magazine, AISMA accountant Barbara Domanska, of MHA Moore and Smalley Nottingham, examines income streams and how practice managers should ensure they are paid for all the work carried out. Click here to download the full article

AISMA chairman comments on 2018 healthcare confidence index

According to a new report released by Lloyds Bank, almost half of GPs expect their practice to merge within five years. Speaking to, Bob Senior, AISMA chairman, said: ‘The biggest challenge I see for most practices is sourcing enough personnel, which has meant increased workloads for many. That’s linked with the ongoing issue around GPContinue reading

Practice Management: April 2018

What is 24-hour retirement and how does it work? Writing in the latest issue of Practice Management magazine, specialist medical accountant and AISMA board member James Gransby offers facts and figures on 24-hour retirement for practice managers to share with their doctors. Click here to download the full article

Practice Management: March 2018

AISMA accountant Andrew Pow offers advice to practices experiencing financial issues arising from problems in the processing of income claims and pensions by Primary Care Support England. For a run-down of common issues to watch out for and tips on how to resolve them download the full article.

Practice Management: New models of care

The government’s desire for GP practices to work at scale is putting them under enormous pressure to join large organisations. AISMA committee member Andrew Pow offers a checklist for practice managers involved in new models of care. Click here to download the full article.

Locum GP? Watch out for the new pension trap

Writing on the Pulse website, AISMA accountant James Gransby explains how a three-month break from locum work can lead to a hike in pension contributions. The rules were introduced on the 2017 Locum B form, which is used to pay over monthly pension contributions to the NHS pensions agency. They affect GP locums who are members ofContinue reading

Practice Management: January 2018

Writing in the January issue of Practice Management magazine, AISMA accountant James Gransby gives an update on Making Tax Digital. Where do practice managers stand with the proposal to introduce quarterly tax returns, a key component of the new digitised tax system? Click here to download the full article

Seasonal allowances to toast your team

Writing in the November/December issue of Practice Management magazine, AISMA accountant Phil Harnby explains the tax rules for treating your team to a night out. Click here to download the full article