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AISMA members regularly write in the specialist GP and practice management publications, offering expert advice to doctors on the key issues of the day.

Action on 2019/20 pension tax impacts

NHS England has announced the action to be taken on 2019/20 pension tax impacts: Responding to the announcement, Andrew Pow, executive board member of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants (AISMA), said: “This announcement may go some way to persuading NHS doctors to work the shifts needed to meet demand over the winter.Continue reading

Pension flexibility proposals unworkable and discriminatory

Proposed flexibilities to the NHS Pension Scheme are unworkable and discriminatory, says the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants (AISMA). Responding to the government’s consultation on pension flexibilities, the association, which includes some of the UK’s foremost authorities on the NHS Pension Scheme, says that the proposals represent uninformed tinkering with the NHS Pension regulationsContinue reading annual allowance cap on pensions should go

The Office of Tax Simplification has suggested the annual allowance cap should be removed from defined benefit pension schemes, including the NHS Pension Scheme. Click here to read a full report, including a comment from AISMA executive board member Andrew Pow, on the website.

Practice Index – Is your practice being paid for the work it does?

Deborah Wood, AISMA Vice-Chairman, offers this beginner’s guide to claiming for the work the practice carries out. Not always a straightforward task, these helpful tips, published on the Practice Index blog, will help practice managers keep on track. Click here to read the full article.

Pulse: What do the pension proposals mean for GPs?

More commentary on the Pulse website about the NHS pension consultation published yesterday, with analysis from AISMA board member Andrew Pow. Visit the Pulse website to read the article in full. Government pension consultation

The government has announced a new pension consultation to create more flexibility for doctors in the NHS Pension Scheme. Speaking to, AISMA board member Andrew Pow said that for many GPs it remained ‘very difficult to predict growth’ in pensions – and that tailoring contributions to avoid tax penalties would not be straightforward. To readContinue reading General practice is losing nearly 100 GP partners a month reports that over the three months to June 2019, the number of GPs in partnership roles in England fell by 287 – a 1.3% reduction in just over 90 days, according to figures from NHS Digital. Read the full article, including comments from AISMA accountant Andrew Pow, on the website.

Practice Index: Taking respite in the payroll comfort zone?

AISMA accountant Michael Ogilvie writes the latest in a series of articles for Practice Index. Find out why practice managers trying to save the surgery money by managing the payroll or book keeping themselves can end up costing the practice more. Visit the Practice Index website to read the full article.