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AISMA members regularly write in the specialist GP and practice management publications, offering expert advice to doctors on the key issues of the day.

Pulse Dilemma: DES losses row

Should you make a partner pay for losses resulting from the poor implementation of a DES they were leading on? The local area team has refused to pay your practice income due from work on a DES. When you discuss what went wrong, it transpires one partner made critical mistakes. Another partner argues they should personallyContinue reading

Practice Management: GP pensions

Practice managers are meant to be the fount of all knowledge on all topics, and are often asked questions by their GPs about pensions. AISMA committee member Luke Bennett offers a layman’s guide to what you need to know, and equally what you don’t! Read more

Pulse finance diary – February 2014

When the new tax year starts on 6 April there will be two significant tax changes affecting pensions – changes that GPs should be taking stock of now, writes AISMA Chairman Bob Senior. To find out more visit the Pulse website.

Practice Management: Planning for 2014

Many practice managers will look back on 2013 as one of their most stressful years yet working for the NHS. The chaos arising from NHS reforms resulted in increased workloads across the board, for doctors and their staff alike. By the end of the year many practice teams were exhausted and demoralised. It’s hard to imagine that things will improve in 2014 but oneContinue reading

Managing finance when you retire to become a locum

Accountant James Gransby has a five-step plan for GPs retiring from a partnership position for a sessional career. A popular option for GPs approaching retirement has been to relinquish their partnership but continue working as locums. And with concerns over the new contract and the reduction of seniority payments, many GPs over 55 may wellContinue reading

Managing finance when leaving a partnership for locum work

GP partnerships are no strangers to change, with partners often coming, going or altering their working patterns. But the challenges facing the profession today have resulted in more GPs than ever considering their work-life balance as stress levels rise and burnout threatens. Read more from James Gransby of AISMA accountant MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Maidstone)

Pulse Finance Diary – January 2014

Plans to phase out pay benefits for experienced GPs could create discord in practices. AISMA Chairman Bob Senior discusses what the loss of seniority pay will mean for GP practices and suggests a strategy to ease the way. Read more

Pulse Finance Diary – December 2013

Accountant Bob Senior advises on tax-efficient ways for GP partners to throw seasonal parties or give end-of-year gifts to their practice teams. It’s been a hard year in general practice and most partners will be thinking of the best way to thank staff for their efforts over the past 12 months. But unless GPs takeContinue reading

Practice Management: Tearing your hair out?

There seems to be no end in sight to the stressful work environment experienced by so many practice managers. AISMA accountants offer tips on how to manage some frustrating practice finance conundrums. Read more