Membership Requirements

To qualify as an AISMA accountant, members must meet demanding requirements set by the Association.

Firms considering applying for AISMA membership should be able to demonstrate skills and expertise in the area of specialist medical accountancy. The Association expects all member firms to act for either a minimum of 15 practices, or a minimum of 10 practices and a minimum of 40 principals. Most members act for considerably more.

Firms must nominate a lead specialist with a recognised accountancy qualification and who will have overall responsibility for signing off accounts and ensuring that standards are maintained.

As part of the application process a panel comprising members of the AISMA Board will interview the nominated specialist from the firm applying for membership to discuss in detail how their medical client accounts are managed.

Under the AISMA Constitution all members are subject to regular peer reviews where anonymised client files are inspected.

Regular attendance at the annual AISMA Conference is expected of all members. Members are also expected to participate in the AISMA annual benchmarking survey by providing anonymised client data. Access to the benchmarking data is strictly controlled and members must sign a confidentiality agreement each year prior to receiving the survey results.

If your firm is interested in applying to become an AISMA member please request a membership information pack by emailing