AISMA responds to election of new UK government

Members of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants (AISMA) have responded to the election of the new Labour government.

Deborah Wood, AISMA Chairman and partner at MHA, said: 

“We offer our congratulations to the new government and look forward to working with the team at the Department of Health & Social Care.

“Our door is always open to government departments looking for expertise on the finance and tax implications of policy developments, particularly where they affect the sustainability of general practice which is in such dire need of support and regeneration currently.”

Andy Pow, AISMA board member and director at Forvis Mazars, added: 

“General practice needs a period of stability. While the new government has inherited significant financial pressures, it must resist the temptation to bring in major contractual change without fully understanding the wider tax and pension implications.”

“Investment in primary care as a percentage of the NHS budget has reduced over the last decade and the recent inflationary pressures in the economy have impacted significantly on the funding of core practice income. This has led to many practices believing they are unable to continue operating. 

“While the new government has stated it is constrained by finances within the context of the NHS, it must explore how to reduce the possibility of more GP practices handing back their contracts. This means supporting funding going into the core contract in England and through the devolved budget in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which is what pays for GP premises, running costs, management, reception, nurse and GP staff at practice level.”

James Gransby, AISMA Vice Chairman and partner at Azets, said: 

“We welcome the fact that primary care, and in particular GP practices, were front and centre in Labour’s manifesto. Now Labour are in government we wish them every success in achieving their aim to deliver more care in local communities by shifting more resources to primary care and community services. 

“AISMA accountants work closely with GPs across the UK every day and understand the power of the GP partnership model, while recognising its fragility when underfunded. We hope moves to remedy this underfunding will be recognised as a first important step for the new government, since success at GP practice level makes success more achievable for other areas of the NHS.”

“AISMA welcomes all opportunities to engage with relevant bodies and feed into reforms or changes under consideration by bringing our combined experience and knowledge to help shape the solutions that general practice needs.”