Freeing up practices to support COVID vaccination

Welcoming the letter from NHSE/I on 7 January 2021, setting out plans to free up general practice to support COVID vaccination, Andrew Pow, AISMA Board member said:

“In November we wrote to the British Medical Association to explain the financial impact of COVID-19 on general practice. Highlighting the concerns AISMA members had about practices finances during the current difficult year, the letter called for pragmatic solutions through income guarantees and cost reimbursements.

“The measures NHSE/I have put in place for the remainder of the 2020/21 financial year answer many of the concerns we raised in our letter and we are pleased that steps are to be taken immediately to reprioritise work in general practice. The additional funding for PCNs is particularly welcome, given the essential role they are playing in managing the COVID vaccination programme.

“AISMA will monitor the situation for GP practices over the coming months and will continue to brief the BMA and NHSE/I on financial issues as they arise.”

Follow this link to download the NHSE/I letter