AISMA responds to NHS review showing discrepancies in pensions data

Following the notification to GP members of the NHS Pension Scheme from NHS England and NHS Business Services Authority, alerting them to discrepancies between some of the pensionable earnings and contributions data which has been provided to NHS BSA, Lizzy Lloyd, board member of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants, said:

“This has come as no surprise to accountants dealing with the fall-out from Capita’s mishandling of GP pension contributions since September 2015. All GPs will be concerned but locums are particularly worried about the data discrepancies since they have no way of checking whether the pension payments they submit to PCSE each month are received.

“Even when Total Reward Statements are available from NHS Pensions they are often inaccurate and GPs should get them checked by a specialist financial adviser or accountant who understands the scheme.”

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