Winter 2013 AISMA Doctor Newsline published

The Winter 2013 issue of AISMA Doctor Newsline, the newsletter for GPs and practice managers published by  the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants, has been published today.

With the possibility of early retirement tempting many GPs, AISMA expert Barry Rigby leads this issue with an overview of the issues affecting NHS Pension Scheme members and the options they should be considering.

AISMA committee member Chris Howe reflects on the income pressures many GP practices will be experiencing in 2013 due to increases in workload, creeping tax rates and increases in superannuation contributions.

Former primary care support services boss Paul Ham gives a run down of the financial dilemmas puzzling many GPs and offers answers to some common questions. Resident management expert Kathie Applebee highlights the rising levels of sickness absence and resignations among practice managers and explains how GPs can support stressed managers in their own practices.

Finally Alison Oliver, a solicitor specialising in GP partnership and contractual matters concludes her series of answers to the legal questions most commonly asked by GPs and practice managers.

AISMA Doctor Newsline is available exclusively to clients of AISMA accountants.

Doctors wishing to contact their local AISMA accountant can find details on the find an accountant page of this website.