AISMA Doctor Newsline Winter 2012 published today

The Winter 2012 issue of AISMA Doctor Newsline, the publication of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants, is published today with an essential mix of advice and commentary on the business of running a busy GP practice.

With practice managers getting to grips with changes to the QOF, Kathie Applebee’s lead article on what’s new for 2012 will be welcomed by many. Giving a run-down of indicator changes and some tips on how to maintain high scores for your practice, this is a must-read article for all.

Elsewhere, Chris Howe gives an A-Z of tax planning to guide you in the lead up to the tax year end and solicitor Andrew Lockhart-Mirams discusses fixed retirement ages in partnerships and warns how they can lead to legal disputes on the grounds of age discrimination.

CQC registration expert Martha Walker gives an update on progress, with some welcome guidance that should help practices with their planning. Finally, David Walker brings some timely advice on pensions and the action GPs need to take now to manage the changes about to take place.

Deborah Wood, AISMA vice-chairman, says: “Running general practice is not going to get any easier in the coming year. It is essential that GPs and practice managers understand where their practice is now and what changes need to be made to maintain profitability. The articles in this issue of AISMA Doctor Newsline will help everyone plan for some tough times ahead.”

AISMA Doctor Newsline is available exclusively to clients of AISMA accountants.

Doctors wishing to contact their local AISMA accountant can find details on the find an accountant page.