Unnecessary tax letters spark alarm among doctors

The Association of Independent Specialists Medical Accountants (AISMA) is alerting doctors to letters sent in error by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) demanding action over failure to submit tax returns. This follows an announcement in November by HMRC that it will be sending final warnings to 2,500 doctors and dentists with unpaid tax bills. AISMA members have been contacted by several doctors whose tax returns have been received by HMRC, but have received a letter demanding outstanding information.

Liz Densley, AISMA Secretary and director at Sussex accountancy firm Honey Barrett, says: “Our client was alarmed to receive a letter from HMRC threatening potential fines and even criminal prosecution, despite his tax returns being up-to-date. When we called the Revenue to confirm this, we received no apology for the error, simply a confirmation that everything was in order.”

AISMA advises all doctors receiving similar letters from HMRC to talk to a specialist accountant immediately so that errors can be highlighted and outstanding issues resolved. Liz Densley says: “It is essential for doctors whose tax returns have not been submitted on time to address the situation immediately to avoid fines and prosecution.”

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