AISMA accountants currently advise over 3,700 NHS GP practices, as well as salaried GPs, locums, hospital doctors and consultants

To qualify as an AISMA accountant, members must meet demanding requirements set by the Association, including rigorous peer reviews to ensure consistently high standards.

As a result, AISMA accountants are among the very best advisers on the accounting, finance, pensions, taxation and practice management issues affecting medical professionals today.

Unrivalled financial intelligence

By pooling statistical data from medical practices across the UK and continually sharing and exchanging expertise and knowledge, AISMA accountants have unrivalled financial intelligence on what makes the most profitable, well-managed medical practice.

For doctors seeking to understand the opportunities and risks associated with the provision of primary healthcare services in the complex NHS environment, AISMA accountants provide expert advice to GP partnerships on funding, financial modelling, contract documentation and contract negotiations.

Attuned to change

AISMA accountants are attuned to the constant changes faced by the medical profession.

Working closely with national healthcare organisations and representatives across the UK, AISMA accountants are a reliable source of information and advice on the impact of government legislation and policy decisions at both a national and local level.